'Who' is the name, Mischief is the game!

My name is Tesla, but everyone calls me 'Who' and I'm the sweetest, cutest and most loveable 'Who' Dog in the whole world! Follow me and my quirky antics as I play and explore the world around me.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Who gets a haircut

As many of you know I am what they call a Yorkie or a Yorkshire Terrier, and we have hair that grows and grows.  When I was a baby my hair was super silky, soft and fluffy, but as I get older my hair has lost a little of it's fluff and has been replaced with length.  I find it a bit ridiculous really.
I mean really, I can't even see most of the time!  I find myself running into things when I'm playing with my friends Fancy and Ducati and it's just not fun.  I decided I was going to terrorize my mom until she took me to get a haircut, cause baths just weren't working anymore.
I don't know if you have ever gone to the spa to get a "doggie do" but it was one of the funnest things I think I've ever done.  First, this wonderful lady took me and gave me a really nice warm bath with shampoo that made me smell like coconut.  They have these really cool bath tubs made just for me!  I tried to tell my mom that she should get me one but she didn't listen.  She said they were too expensive.  I say nothing is too expensive in pursuit of a happy Who!   Then after my bath, the nice lady took me to this table thing where she dried me off, brushed me and then used this buzzing thing to cut my hair.  The buzzing thing kinda scared me when she tried to cut my bangs and she ended up cutting it too short.  My mom was a little mad at first, but the nice lady put a really cute bandana on me and it made it all better.
The bandana lasted for about 2 days before I decided it was more of a chew toy than an accessory, but I love my new haircut!  I hope my mom takes me back there again someday!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Who" am I!

My name is Tesla; although you won't ever hear me called that, cause everyone just calls me "Who" 
 I'm the 'Who' dog and very proud of it!
To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure why everyone calls me 'Who' but it certainly fits me. And it sure is fun when I get into mischief and my humans say, "Who did this?" "Who did."  "That's what I was asking." "I know, and I told you 'Who' did it."  "But no, that's what I just asked you, who did it?!?" "Yes." (It can go on for hours sometimes and I usually get away with it cause they get so confused arguing about "Who Done it" that I find something cute to wear and distract them.
My favorite human is Kiley.  She makes sure that I always have the best outfits available, and that I get at least 2 wardrobe changes per day.  Now that she is in school again, my days are not quite as exciting but we will make do.  I'm sure I can find plenty of mischief to get into myself.  I've never really had a problem with that.
This is my cupcake!  Kiley got it as a pinata for her birthday, but I stole it!  This is one of my favorite places to play.  The first time I got to play in the cupcake was out at the farm on Kiley's actual birthday.  She turned 9 and we had a camp-out. I don't really know what humans find so appealing about sleeping outside, I find it rather cold, but she seemed to have the time of her life, so I went along for the experience.  They brought my bed and I got the cupcake too!